Sector 4

Athanasia Kanta

Sector 4.1

Seventeen spaces were investigated in 2016 (nos 29-46). Some of these were completely excavated, others only partly. Characteristic of some spaces was a plaster floor, originally polished, with a cement-like appearance. Similar floors had already been found at Pyla during the 2010-2011 excavation and are also known from Maa-Palaiokastro and Enkomi. Some of the spaces also produced querns and stone vessels suggesting a domestic industrial function.

Sector 4.2

In an effort to establish the course of the casemate wall, a new Sector 4.2 was opened. It became clear during our survey of the area that the casemate wall projected well down the slope, forming the usual rooms which are a characteristic of Pyla. Eleven spaces were partly uncovered (1-11). Their excavation brought to light important details about the organisation of the site. This is the second area where the casemate wall projects below the top of the hill. Similar evidence has been uncovered in Sector 5.

The spaces investigated contained querns, stone tools and pottery. A storage stirrup jar imported from Crete and an alabaster vase of particular interest are represented among the finds.