The Team


Prof. Dr. Joachim Bretschneider, University of Ghent

Dr. Athanasia Kanta, Mediterranean Archaeological Institute

Prof. Dr. Jan Driessen, Emeritus Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology (UCLouvain), Head of the Aegis Research Group, Hon. Director Belgian School at Athens, Marion Rawson Visiting Scholar University of Cincinnati

Excavation Team

G. Jans, archaeologist (since 2014)

N. Kress,  surveyor, archaeologist & aerial coverage (since 2014)

Dr. F. Gaignerot-Driessen, archaeologist (since 2019)

A-S. Van Vyve, archaeologist (since 2014)

Dr. S. Jusseret, field director for the UCLouvain, in charge of environmental studies & geoarchaeology, (2014-2017)

M. Papadakis, archaeologist (since 2017)

M. Vrachnakis, chief technician (since 2014)

B. Melkebeek, archaeologist (since 2017)

F. Germonpré, archaeologist (2017-2021)

Drs. E. Van Maldegem, archaeologist (2017-2021)

G. De Hooghe, archaeologist (2016-2019)

M. Kokosali, archaeologist (2014-2017)

Dr. T. Claeys, archaeologist & conservation studies, (2014 & 2016-2017)

Ceramic Team

Privatdozent Dr. R. Jung, in charge of pottery studies (since 2018)

+Dr. V. Karageorghis, pottery specialist, consultant

Dr. F. Porta, pottery specialist (since 2015)

Dra. I. Kostopoulou, pottery specialist (since 2018)

C. Hadjivassili, conservator & archaeologist (since 2014)

Dr. P. Fragnoli, archaeologist and ceramic archaeometrist

Apl. Prof. Dr. H. Mommsen, physicist and ceramic archaeometrist

Dr. T. Pedrazzi, archaeologist and Near Eastern pottery specialist

DI Dr. J.H. Sterba, physicist and ceramic archaeometrist

Dr. I. Caloi, pottery specialist (2014-2017)

Dr. H. Joris, draughtsperson (2014-2017)

F. Vanherweghe, draughtsperson (2019-2021)

Environmental Studies

Prof. S. Hermon, computer applications (3D scientific visualization) (since 2015)

Prof. E. Margaritis, archaeobotanist (since 2017)

Dr. M. Polig, 3D scientific visualization (since 2016-2022)

Dr. S. Déderix, GIS specialist & funerary studies, (2014-2015 & 2017)

M. Faka, topographer (since 2015)

I. Papadopoulou, archaeologist & environmental studies, (2015-2016)

Specific Research

Dr. A. Charalambous, metal specialist (since 2016)

Prof. V. Kassianidou, metal specialist (since 2016)