Sector 7

Joachim Bretschneider, Greta Jans & Anne-Sophie Van Vyve

Prospection in 2019 on the opposite slope of Sector 5 yielded traces of five thus far isolated buildings. During the 2021 campaign, the UGhent team commenced the exposure of one of these buildings detected.

The edifice turned out to have a rectangular shape, split into a large space (Space 7.1) and a smaller one (Space 7.2); the latter occupying the northeast quadrant of the building. The inventory of the L-shaped Space 7.1 included at least seven semi- complete vessels; three pithoi, two Cypriot jars, one Canaanite jar and one milk bowl. This coupled with several objects such as a weight, three grinding stones and a pestle and mortar indicate storage and food processing operations. As for Space 7.2, its floor level was not reached yet.